Job Description

Home Carer

Responsible to: Manager

Main tasks of position

  1. To assist in the daily living needs of the service user e.g. toileting, getting up and putting to bed, personal care, monitoring of pressure areas, care of hair and teeth etc.
  2. To prepare meals and if necessary feed the client.
  3. To carry out shopping, housework and laundry as required on the care plan.
  4. To be aware by constant observations of changes to the client’s mental and physical condition and report it to the office/GP etc. as appropriate.
  5. Ensure that medication as detailed in the care plan and on the medication chart is administered to the client.
  6. To encourage the client to be mentally and physically active as appropriate.
  7. Maintain accurate records.
  8. Any other tasks that as requested by the office that is considered necessary.
  9. At all times to adhere to the policies and procedures as laid out in the carer handbook.
  10. Attend training as required.

Please note that this is a guide only and maybe subject to change without prior notice.

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