Just a few examples of letters received regarding our care services

"Both in terms of organisation and personnel my father was very pleased with the carers, found them very helpful and had complete confidence in them."

P.M.D - daughter

"Thank you for sending L to care for my mother.  She was very helpful and kind.  Please convey our thanks to her for making it all run so smoothly and to yourselves for arranging the plan."

J.A.H. – daughter

"The ladies you have sent have all been very efficient and nice. "

M & J F

"Please forgive me for not emailing sooner but I have been away on holiday.  Now that my mum has completed her care package and feels she no longer needs carers, I wanted to thank you all enormously for everything that you did for her.

"As soon as I realised that she was going to need care I only thought of Ainsworth and as expected (and from years of experience) you gave her all the care she needed, at the same time working with her as she became more independent.

"Sometimes it is very difficult to be involved when you wear several hats as I do in my job, and for that reason I left her to manage her own care package.  I always felt extremely confident that I could step back and know that everything was in hand.  I will go so far as to say, I honestly don’t think I could have asked for better care.

"Again a huge thanks to you all and the carers all of whom were really lovely and knew exactly how she wanted to be cared for and how much she could/couldn’t/wanted to, manage herself.  As a result of a carefully tailored, almost enabling package of care, she is continuing to make very good progress, to the point that her consultant was astounded at how well she is doing.

"Again, thank you for all the help and support you gave her and by so doing, gave me the support I needed to help her."

M.T.R – daughter and senior social worker